Red Sun Auto Repair we provide:

Air Conditioning / Heating Service.

Alignment Service.

Battery Service / Hybrid battery

Brake Service, ABS system.

Check Engine, Waring lights, ABS, VSC, EPS…We could diagnosis any warning lights.

Cooling  system.

Computer Diagnostics.

Engine & Transmission Diagnostics.

Engine Rebuild / Repair

Emission Control.

Failed smog check.

Electrical Diagnosis & Repair.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance 15 k, 30 K, 60 K, 90 K…

Hybrid Services.

Lexus Re-key coping and programming.

Oil Change Service.

Suspension & Steering.

Repair Shocks & Struts.

Tune-ups .

Timing Belt or Chain.

Tire Rotation.

Water pump.

And much more … don’t hesitate to call  (916)367-3416

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