Testimonials From Red Sun Automotive Repair Customers


Excellent service of Red Sun automotive

Apr 21, 2017

Recently had my car serviced at Red Sun automotive. I didn't want to spend dealer service fees for 90,000 miles service on my Lexus RX 330. I took it Red Sun automotive and owner Hop was very professional and straight up and honest to deal with. Hop examined all issues and got the car back to me in one day and most importantly fixed right and saved hundreds of dollars compared to other local shops and don't even mentioned the Lexus dealership. I normally don't write reviews but the value and quality of service at Red Sun automotive and my dealings with Hop left me so impressed so that I had to get the word out for others to benefit as I did. Go see Hop, you wont be disappointed.

Frank Pontillo

Red Sun Is The Best!

Sep 19, 2016

I started coming here when I got fed up with the bad customer service and high prices at the Lexus dealership. The prices, customer service and work performed here are outstanding. Now I bring all my vehicles here!

Hop and Phong are amazing. They make you feel like you are special and are always willing to go the extra mile. Today (Saturday) I brought in my son's truck for some minor work. They found some big problems with the brakes and would need to keep the truck til Monday to get parts and do the work. When they found out my son had to be back in Trucked tonight, they bent over backwards to get the parts and stayed 2 hours past closing to get the job done!!

These guys are the BEST!!!

George Lapa

Dec 11, 2015

A Rare find! Owner Hop having been trained byLexus ,having served his country as a Marine and having 3 children. Exemplifies what we need more of- a hard working man of integrity, expertise and a true passion for automotives.You won't go wrong with entrusting your auto to him. Very fair prices and quality parts.GL

Esmeralda Guzman

Dec 10, 2015

I have taken my Lexus into Red Sun many times and have experienced the best service ever, these guys are great! As soon as I tell them what my car is doing over the phone they know exactly what it is. They diagnose quickly and I am in and out. They give you all the options you have and they are honest and reliable, I will continue taking my Lexus to them as I am a very happy customer of theirs

Barbara Manger

Oct 13, 2015

I continue to go to Red Sun for my maintenance. Hop and Phong have been so helpful. They are experts in their field. Honest and have never gone over the estimate without a phone call. I wouldn't take my car to anyone else. I trust them completely. You don't find this kind of service anywhere.

Steven Clauson

May 21, 2015

When it comes to my Lexus nothing is too good. Red Sun is the best! I live in Elk Grove and I pass 2 Lexus dealerships to go there and only there! The 2 biggest reasons and excellence and honesty.

Ron Reid

Apr 18, 2015

Hop and Phong are outstanding in knowledge and flexibility in working with the customer to keep the cost low. For example, Phong went to Pick N' Pull to get a turn signal lever for my '92 Lexus LS 400. He stayed too late and got locked in! ( Luckily, he had a cell phone. ) Anyway, I'm more impressed every time I have my car serviced there.

Kirk Vail

Feb 17, 2015

My car was diagnosed quickly and properly. They found that repair was still under warranty and could be fixed for free. These guys are my new best car repair friends!

Roberta Jones

Nov 13, 2014

Excellent reliable service. Price exactly as estimated. If anything additional is found, there's a phone call, clear explanation and the decision is yours! I've had them service three cars...wouldn't go anywhere else!

Barbara Manger

Oct 8, 2014

I started with Red Sun Automotive a year ago from a referral from a friend. They had just opened and on my first visit was very impressed. They are very honest, professional and knowledgeable. If you're looking for a great place to take your car. This is it!!! You can trust them!

Steven Hooper

Aug 9, 2014

I have experienced the best service I have ever received from the Rocklin store. Hop is an amazing mechanic and did an excellent job replacing my air conditioning system on my Toyota Prius. He did the job for a reasonable price which was much less than the dealership. He stuck to his original estimate and did not try to gouge me like the dealership has tried. He knows his cars and especially Toyotas. I recommend him for all your repairs if you want to deal with an honest mechanic.


Mar 12, 2014

I haven't actually used these guys yet but I "love 'em" already and here's why. Twice now, I've spoken to them about my 2000 Maxima. Both times they answered my query as to the price of a job; but then, they asked me why I thought I needed that particular repair. When I gave them the symptoms, they asked a few questions and then recommended I try a "trick" first. One was an alternator problem. I was told to try the simple trick of whacking it lightly with a metal object to try to free possible stuck brushes so they could slide down their holders and recontact the armature. Saved me $350! Same with the other circumstance. Very knowledgeable guys and willing to share their expertise instead of using it to rip people off. Rare.

A.K T. Sacramento, CA

Dec 18, 2013

Grandparents lives up in the Rocklin area and needed their Lexus fixed. I searched and found this place. New spot, seems legit. Told me grandparents to come here and have work done. Check engine light was on and dealer couldn't figure it out. I was contacted from Red Sun and was told what was the issue, which was one of the vacuum hose has a hole in it, looks like some small animal chewed on it. They replaced it much less than what the dealer would have charged. And they also replaced the right blinker as it was out for free.

If you're in Rocklin or want to drive out there .. hit these guys up.

Mike D. Antelope, CA

Dec 14, 2013

This is best shop I have ever come across. The quality of their repair & maintenance services is top notch. Not to mention these guys are super fair on price and always honest. I definitely recommend you check them out if you need work done on your car.

I wish that there were more businesses that operated like these guys do. They are always going above and beyond to provide the best possible service. The first time I brought my vehicle here I felt welcomed. And they always explain what they did or what needs to be done in a professional manner.

My brother recommended their shop after seeing a flyer. He told my sister to check them out as well. All three of us have been bringing our vehicles to them ever since.

I think its awesome that they remember our names. They even recognize us on the phone as well!! Thank you to Hop and Phong for providing excellent service!!

Antelope, CA

Glen H. Lincoln, CA

Dec 5, 2013

New to the Rocklin area. We have been using Red Sun for the past year. Just completed a 180K service on our Toyota Highlander Great service and fair price. Good to see a small business provide outstanding service.

Jeff P. Rocklin, CA

Dec 4, 2013

I needed my 98 Lexus GS300 worked on for some electrical issues and engine work. I brought it in and was blown away by the customer service and the professionalism provided. They got my car running better than it has in years. When you need your car worked on for anything I highly recommend bringing it in. Besides being family owned and operated in my opinion supporting local businesses is a must.

Fred C. Lincoln, CA

Nov 21, 2013

Initially recommended on our yahoo EGroup. Have oil leak on my honda odyssey. And was diagnosed and serviced by 2 different shops. As recommended went to Redsun. Checkout my car and found reasons why. Fixed it and no more leaks. They also discovered oil on my spark plugs which was not mentioned previously. Replaced them free of charge. Since then been a faithful customer.

Recently a transmission shop recommended replacing my transmission costing over $2000. Went Redsun for second opinion. Test drive, did under hood and on rack inspection. Explained in layman lingo why I should forego new transmission.

Knowledgeable, honest and very efficient auto repair shop

John J. Rocklin, CA

Oct 10, 2013

Auto repair shops are a dime a dozen. But Red Sun Automotive Repair is different. Hop (owner/mechanic) has over twenty years of experience working on Toyota's and Lexus. I came to the shop with a starting problem that the dealership was unable to diagnose. The shop was amazingly clean (probably the cleanest shop I have even been to).

The first thing I noticed was the fact that they had my dream car (Acura NSX) sitting in the bay. I thought to myself "If they can work on 90 thousand dollar vehicles, I'm sure they can handle my Honda Accord." Hop was able to diagnose and fix my problem for less than the cost of the diagnostic fee at the dealership!

The waiting area had comfortable chairs, T/V, free Wi-Fi and beverages for customers. They even gave me a ride home so I wouldn't have to wait around! Where else can you get service like that from an independent shop? I am definitely telling all my friends and family about this place.

Annina H. Roseville, CA

Aug 1, 2013

I am sixteen years old and just bought my aunt's Lexus RX 300. My dad is a car fanatic. We were both very pleased with Red Sun Automotive Repair. The shop was clean and friendly and the service was quick and honest. The way the repair information was presented was well organized and clear. It was very helpful to have estimates on everything, including optional repairs (window motor and rear door lock). We will definitely be repeat customers!

L A. Rocklin, CA

Mar 27, 2013

We first went to Red Sun Automotive Repair when they first opened for an transmission problem with our Highlander. They diagnosed it to not have any problems. However they did find that I needed front wheel bearings and front brakes. They gave me an estimate and I said I did not have the money right now but would return when I did. That was a few months ago, and yesterday I noticed that the problems they had told me about were really bad now. I called them and took the car right in.When I talked to them they asked if I needed both front and back brakes. I could not remember and he checked his files and said it was only the front, but would recheck the rear. As it turned out I only needed the front brakes and he also gave it to me for the original price quoted a few months back. Wow what a surprise. They did the job the next day and as promised it was done by the exact time they said. I was extremely happy with the work done and how I was treated. The shop is cleaner than any garage I have ever seen and the workers really care about personal service. I am definitely a customer for life. Honesty and integrity come to mind about this business not to mention we are supporting a small business in the community. Thanks Hon

Michelle L. Foresthill, CA

Feb 1, 2013

This place is great. They diagnosed a problem with my car and actually showed me where the problem was. They are honest and friendly. Not only did they have the repairs completed in less than the estimated time, they did a couple other smaller repairs at no cost! I will definitely return and tell all my friends about this shop.

David W. Granite Bay, CA

Jan 25, 2013

I am really happy with them. They are honest and try to do the best for your car and you. Competent and very personal service.

Ron R. Roseville, CA

Jan 18, 2013

These guys are great! Showed me a before & after color photo of my EGR valve they cleaned. That's pretty unheard of. Were very good at diagnosing the problem and told me not to do certain work if I was going to sell the car. Just tell the prospective buyer about it.

Tim N. Roseville, CA

Dec 26, 2012

Going to try writing this review again, since Yelp's filter must've thought my first 5-star review was sanctioned by Red Sun -- not the case at all! Just an honest-to-goodness recounting of professional work done at a reasonable price.

The first vehicle I brought in was an old '93 Toyota 4x4 pickup (195K miles), which I knew had many things that "could" be fixed. But with such an old vehicle, I told Hop (the owner) that I really needed a list from which I could pick-and-choose.

Going into an auto repair shop with such an open-ended request usually is an open-ended opportunity to be taken advantage of, right? Well, I was pleasantly surprised at Red Sun!

First, Hop did a very thorough job going through the truck, prioritizing each item based on criticality. His brother Fong then reviewed a reasonably-priced ala carte list of quotes (I have a basis to compare what's "reasonable," too, since I'd had several of these same items previously quoted at AutoWest Toyota, Made In Japan, TOS, and The Car Czar.)

I authorized some valve and cooling system work -- the work was high-quality, prompt, and to my complete satisfaction! He even topped off fluids at no charge. The ol' truck once again runs like a top. Great customer service, and nothing got quoted that I didn't need.

The next vehicle I had repaired was an '03 Honda Pilot. Hop replaced 3 motor mounts and 2 transmission mounts on this old car (225K miles), and again, the work was done professionally, and at a reasonable price.

Red Sun has definitely earned my trust ..and my continued business! I plan on taking a just-purchased Kia Sportage SX AWD there next, as I know Hop and Fong will do a great job.


Dec 7, 2012

I cannot say enough about this place!! I live in Sacramento and will make the drive to have my cars repaired there every time. Totally professional and honest. I don't know anything about cars, but I have taken one of my cars into the dealer several times for something they could never fix. One time at Red Sun Automotive Repair, and the problem was gone. The service was excellent and the price was amazing! Keep up the good work.

Kim P. Sacramento, CA

Dec 6, 2012

I love this place. It was recommended by a friend and I will never take my car any place else. If you don't know a lot about cars, it's difficult to know if a mechanic is telling you the truth, or just trying to get your cash. I had a problem with one of my cars that the dealer wasn't able to fix-even after three trips. I took it to Red Sun Automotive and it was fixed the first time. It was cheaper than the dealer, plus they did some extra repairs for free! For example, they cleaned out the drain for my sunroof and reset the glass because it wasn't closing right. They also took the cheaper route on another repair and instead of ordering a new part for my steering wheel, they took it apart and greased it which fixed the problem at a fraction of the cost. These guys are the best. They offer old-fashioned service and value and you can trust them! A total win-win!


Nov 4, 2012

These guys ROCK! They were very honest with me about the repairs needed for my vehicle (more money than the car was worth). They recommended that I purchase a new vehicle rather than continue to throw money at the car. They didn't get big payday from me (because I followed their advice), but they got a customer for life!



Oct 23, 2012

I have never been more satisfied with any other auto repair company then I am with Red Sun Automotive Repair. As a female I have been taken advantage of time and time again when it comes to my car. At Red Sun Automotive Repair I received fair and honest service. I live in downtown Sacramento and make the drive up. If you have ever been 'had' by an auto repair place PLEASE do your wallet a favor and check out Red Sun Automotive.


Oct 12, 2012

Thank you so much for being so professional and keeping a real clean shop. You guys pay attention to detail all the way from customer service to the mechanical repair. You were very reasonable and the extra touch of customer service makes me feel like I'm part of the family. We will be back with our other Toyota vehicle. I am happy to say I would rather give my business to you versus Roseville Toyota. I like to know that I am human and not part of an assembly line. It was easy to get my car in and out same day. I like that you answer the phone right away. I have passed the information to all my friends. See you soon.


Oct 7, 2012

I highly recommend Red Sun for your automotive needs. I was given an estimate that was 30% less than the dealership quote. They are very friendly and knowledgeable. My invoice was very detailed. They do all the little things. Checked out everything. Thank you Red Sun!! I will definitely return for my next service.


Sep 11, 2012

Red Sun automotive repair,meets or exceeds level's of auto repair& service of any car dealership in town.their experience in auto repair are beyond any technician working in a dealership.I will not take my vehicles anywhere else. their the best.



Jun 13, 2012

I love coming to this shop they are friendly, service is excellent. I have lots confidents in service they provides. Thanks again